We are specialists in installing and repairing gas appliances & provide Landlord services in Leeds

From the 1st April 2009 installers working with gas in the UK need to be Gas Safe Registered. People working with gas without the relevant training on up-to-date methods and with modern appliances and equipment are a danger to society. The fact they are not registered implies a fundamental lack of respect for the system and dangers associated with the industry.

SK Heating install and repair gas appliances & provide Landlord services in Leeds and the surrounding areas.

Do not hire anyone to work on your gas appliances who is not registered. They are operating outside the Law. By employing them, so are you.

Gas appliance installations require certification. A person who is not registered may not issue valid certification.

Domestic Gas Services we provide:

  • Gas Boiler Installation, Repair & Disconnection
  • Gas Fire Installation, Repair & Disconnection
  • Install & Disconnection of Gas Fires, Cookers or Hobs
  • Replacement, Relocation & Disconnection of Radiators
  • Central Heating Alterations

Landlord Gas Safety Certificates (CP12)

If you are a Landlord, then a Gas Safety certificate (commonly referred to as a CP12) is a legal requirement for your rental property. This certificate covers all the gas appliances in a property to ensure that they’re safe. This certificate must be renewed every 12 months.

Only Gas Safe Registered engineers can issue these certificates. SK Heating will install, repair and check your gas appliances and supply you with a certificate for all gas appliances, whilst also checking flues and pipework within your property.

If a landlord fails to adhere to this legal requirement, they can face a large fine and a six month jail sentence.

SK Heating install and repair gas appliances & provide Landlord services in Leeds. If you are a landlord or agent with more than one property in Leeds, contact us and arrange discounted rates for multiple properties.